Friday July 27th Edition of the RESN Marketing Newsletter


Today I want to share with you some Info on Branding, and becoming the GO- TO in your area. There are a ton of amazing ways to do this, especially with all the Technology we have at our fingertips. 
One of the first things I ask an agent when we talk about their business is this, “Do you have a niche area that you work?” Now… being new in the business or even many seasoned agents DO NOT have a targeted area that they “farm” or market too! 
Let me tell you why this is so important. 
  • There are so many agents in our areas, so what makes you stand apart from them?
  • Focusing on a particular area of your town, can generate MORE business than being all over the place. 
  • Getting to know YOUR NICHE AREA, the Schools, the Day Cares, the Night Life, and the local hot spots (to name a few) can put you in a FABULOUS place in your business
  • Becoming the “GO TO” Agent in THAT area can generate SO much business, your potential clients are looking for Info, Content, a “go to” person to get as much info as possible. A ONE STOP SHOP, If you will.

So last weeks issue was about Live videos and incase you didn’t see last weeks issue, I have it in the Real Estate Social Networks Facebook Group so make sure you check it out. 

One of my Favorite things to do that is “outside of the box” is pick 1-2 businesses per month, and feature them in my Business. Feature them on my FB Page, Have info about them on my website. However, when I do this, I go to that business, introduce myself, let them know I am a Real Estate Specialist in “XYZ” area and I would like to feature their business to my Audience. Ask them if they would do a quick LIVE or Pre Recorded Video for your Social/ Website. If you have marketing materials. Ie. Pens, Koozies, Water bottles, (think outside the box here) leave some of your goodies there. 
Work out some sort of Discount with them… 
Say if a Customer comes in to Johns Pizza Shop, said they saw an awesome Video on Realtor Ricks Facebook page, they would get 5% off their meal! 
You are creating conversations… You are creating TRUST… and you are Creating Relationships. 
So here you are…. working with 1-2 Businesses a month, offering FREE advertisement for a local business…. Do you think they would mention your name a time or ten to people they know looking to Buy, Sell, or Invest in Real Estate? 


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