The RESN Super Fabulous Friday Newsletter 8.10.18

Happy Friday!!! Super excited to bring you the GOODIES for today! Let me tell you I have some AMMMAAAAZZZINNNNGGGG things coming for you in the next few weeks.
Today I want to talk about LEAD Generation with Landing Pages aka Funnels.
You may be saying OHHH NOOO!!! But let me assure you that in order to generate and Nurture your leads effectively, Funnels are the FUTURE.. No, let me rephrase that Funnels are NOW! I have perfected the website, then BAM the Funnel has taken over the game. GOOD news is, Funnels are so much easier with a HUGE PUNCH for your business.
As a Real Estate Agent in today’s world, we need to STAND out RIGHT?
We need to do what others are not doing, or just do not get. I will tell you this! COLD CALLING, and DOOR KNOCKING are 2 activities you will NEVER hear me tell you to start doing ! In fact when I got into Real Estate in 2009, and I was told:
Dial for Dollars
It’s a numbers game
Call Call Call
Door Knock – get out in the 90 Degree Hot summer day, sweat your bottom off, all while 93% of the people are at work! Sounds like a GRAND IDEA!
Let me tell you how to STAND out above the crowd… ARE YOU READY?
IOV- Items of Value
PV- Provide Value (become the Pro in your market)
AM- Attraction Marketing
RM- Relationship Marketing
Ask yourself this… Where are ALL my potential clients? where is ONE place that about 99% of them hang out?
SOCIAL MEDIA, and the WWW Right? Yup, Right! But here is the dealio, we ALL have something to offer that our competition does not! You may be saying LIKE WHAT?
Well that is SIMPLE!
Let me show you some GOODIES 

This is the Funnel a Very Simple Funnel I created that you probably opted into this RESN Marketing Newsletter…

I offered you something RIGHT UP FRONT!!! It is something of VALUE! (is this valuable to you?)
Your filled out your info and then went to a thank you page.
So many amazing options here…. Think of all the possibilities !!!!
So here is the DEAL I can get you a 14 Day Free TRIAL if you would like to try this Funnel thing out! Click HERE to check it out NOW
NEXT I would LOVE to talk to you! If you click that Schedule a FREE ONE ON ONE below, it will take you to my calendar. I am offering ANYONE and EVERYONE that would like to chit chat a time to have a Pow Wow about how I can help you in your Business.
NO OBLIGATION at ALL! I simply LOVE this profession and I am a GEEK. hehe
I love the technology and helping others succeed using it!

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