RESN Marketing Newsletter August 3, 2018

Super sorry I am a day late! Spent a majority of yesterday building out some Funnels for business and another agent.
Sounds FUN doesn’t it?? LOL It really is and SUPER easy too!
Great news is.. I will be going over Funnels and how to’s in the Private Real Estate Social Network Group on Facebook SOON! So if you are NOT a member of this AMAZING community please join us now!
Hope you had a FABULOUS and productive week! Back to School is coming…whooohooo! I keep seeing all my friends posting their back to school shopping trips with some HEFTY Price tags. My daughter is 20 now, I am guessing stuff is just getting $$$$ NOW! EEEKKKK
Ok… Enough lets get to the meat and potatoes. YOU still with me?
Today I wanted to talk about Relationship Marketing and a System I use that has literally floored me, and the other agents that are using it.
Before you ROLL your eyes… hear me out, and keep on reading! One of the MAJOR issues, we, as Realtors have is FOLLOW UP! Am I RIGHT or am I RIGHT? Following up with Leads… with our COI… with our moms (thats a joke)
I do a LOT of watching on Social Platforms, and I read thousands of comments, and I want to LITERALLY come through the PC/Phone  and SMACK some of these people.
You can not just POST and EXPECT them to come RUNNING to you! and I see SOOO MANY saying just that! I did FB Ads – they didn’t work, I paid for a Fab System with all the bells and whistles and – they didn’t work… NO THEY WORK!!!! YOU DID NOT!
So I want you to take a look at this Blog post below!!!!

Are you back ?

What did you think about that? I would LOVE to talk to you more about how SOOO many agents are ROCKING out their Business with this System. It has really changed over the years, and I am totally blown away. Taking it back OLD school has really made a difference.
If you would like to chat more about how I can help you in your business Click the Button below… it will take you to FACEBOOK Messenger. Or simply reply to this email!

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