Tips and Tools you can use TODAY in your RE Biz

Hope your week has been amazing!!! Closing deals? How many are pending? Is your pipeline full? How is your social engagement? ohhh I could go on and on with the questions. I won’t I am here to help you with all of this and that is exactly what I am going to DO! I am gonna drop some serious GOLDEN Nuggets right here right now.
So on Monday, I went to my favorite app (you can find this on Apple and Google Play) and created a fun little contest for my audience. Here is the link to my post on Facebook. I did this on my personal FB account just for testing purposed before I shared this with you.
So click on the pic of my post to see the actual post….
Well…. what did you think? Was super simple!
Asked a question
I Offered something for my audience & gave a deadline….
Then on Wednesday I announced my winner that was closest to the Listing Price, and I gave her a shout out on FACEBOOK and I sent her a message to with directions on how to get her Trip! COOL HUH???
What this does is it allows people to see your posts, only 7% of your connections see what you post!
So here is what I would like to do for you! I am going to give 20 Agents a Trip to give away… if you would like to participate… you simply need to create your Ripl, and Shoot me an email here at and let me know you would like to take me up on my offer. NO OBLIGATION !!! YES… I am actually giving you this to for FREE!
I want you let me know how it works within your network. You can do this on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIN… any social network! I prefer FACEBOOK that is where MORE of my IDEAL Clients, Customers, and FRIENDS are  !
Here is the CATCH!!! ohhhh calm down, this is easy! You share your results in the Real Estate Social Networks FB GROUP
DEAL??? Ok Deal!!!!
I guess I had more to touch on today than I thought… LOL!
I will save my GOOD news until later on! I will shoot you an email early part of  next week telling you the GOOD NEWS, and what is about to happen!
In the mean time I will share with you some of my fav tools that I use…
If you do not have a CRM- Auto Responder of your OWN meaning NOT a Broker endorsed CRM- then I highly recommend Aweber. 
Why would you need YOUR OWN? Simple if for some reason you leave company ABC Brokerage, All your your contacts are in their database ! It belongs to them! IT is best to BUILD on a platform you have control over. Make sense?
Websites are DEAD! Honestly tell me how many GOOD REAL LEADS you have gotten from your website ? Go ahead tell me! Truth is landing pages, and funnels are 2018. I will be sharing more about this in my Upcoming announcement next week… But I would like to offer you NOW a 14 day FREE trial of what I now use Clickfunnels
I showed you last week some of the Funnels we have coming for you! Here they are again! They are FAB
One tool that I have been using that really stands me apart from others is simply The Art of Sending cards. I was approached with SOC a million times and always said noooo, that is not for me. Well, I gave in and implemented in my businesses and it has made a HUGE impact. You can check out the options here
Ok here are a couple more goodies
Canva– Build Presentations, Logos, Marketing Materials, Facebook Images, and Cover Photos- ITS FREE – they also have a paid membership BUT the FREE ONE is PERFECT
Similar Web– Want to see what your Competition is doing online? Offering a Free (limited version) as well as a paid one! I only have the FREE ONE!
Last one is the Vacations on Me… you have heard me talk about it before I am sure. BUT YOU GUYS!!!! this is amazing! Just take a peek! If you would like to view the entire Webinar simply go here ! MIND BLOWING
Sorry I have kept you so long today! make sure you save this email for future references. I will reach out to you next week to share this EXCITEMENT
Have a Great weekend!

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