Understanding the Benefits of Facebook Pages/Groups

The Do’s and DO NOT’s of Facebook Marketing

Facebook has its own etiquette and violating it can turn people off to you and your business. Here is a summary of what you should (and shouldn’t) do to build your brand and your business on Facebook.



Create relationships

Generate Leads by educating your audience

Connect with contacts from the past

Attract people based on the content your’re marketing

Speak to your Niche

Stay Positive


Bash your competitors

Bombard people with content that is not relevant to them (Don’t be salesy)

Tag people without talking to them first

Add people to groups without ASKING their permission

Be extremely POLITICAL

Be Negative Nancy

Post your BUSINESS all over FACEBOOK

Social Media changes on the daily…

One thing Facebook will NOT let you do is ADVERTISE for free… did you know that posting Advertisement type posts actually demotes your newsfeed engagement? (Less people see it) Facebook has a system that goes a little like this… You are Advertising on your FEED, in your group, etc but not paying for Ads Facebook will make sure that post is not seen by the right people, your ideal audience will not get the memo… You have to PAY to PLAY! For some that may be far fetched BUT… here is what needs to happen


Yup… Create content that your Audience will engage in… you want to have conversations in your newsfeed… when someone comments… comment back, don’t just go in there and click the THUMBS UP ! Social Media is just that… a place online to be SOCIAL!


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