Weekly Marketing Newsletter for July 20th 2018


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Happy FriYay… Today is the first Weekly Marketing Newsletter… WHOOHOOO!
Let me tell you a little about me, and why getting this info could really help your business. If nothing else, enjoy the content, and share it with your Co-Agents to help in their Businesses.
Of course, my name is Jenny Dawson Coleman. I have been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2009. Before I was in Sales in RE, I was a Property Manager for an A+ Apartment Community in Louisiana, managing 314 Units. I worked in Property Management for 8 years before jumping over to RE Sales. You may be asking… why is she telling me all this !!! The answer is simple, this is the beginning of a Relationship. Letting you know a little about me, and what my passion is, and then I want to know more about you.
Early on in my Real Estate Career, I was very interested in marketing online, Social media, and how I could leverage it for my business. I became the “GO TO” girl in the office on basically ALL Techy things, and I loved helping the agents learn more about these things. With that said over the past 7 years, I have spent thousands of hours, and thousands upon thousands of dollars educating myself on all the In’s and Out’s of Social Media, Attraction Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Systems and a ton of other things that we use in our business.
Facebook LIVE 
If you are not doing Facebook LIVES for your business, you need to start. You may ask… well I do not know how to, or what to say when I do LIVE… Well I have you covered. 

I created this FB LIVE Checklist and tools Ebook just for you ! Simply Click here and get it now.
Now the next issue is WHAT DO I GO LIVE ABOUT???? 
Guess what… I have you covered there too, and here is a list of 26 Items to go LIVE about. Now… let me explain what this is doing… this is BUILDING trust with your Audience. Video is where it is AT. I know I know I hear it all the time… I AM CAMERA SHY! Or I don’t do video. Let me just say it is TIME to step out of your comfort zone, especially if you would like to keep up with the fast moving WWW world. (that is world wide web )
In Closing
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Until Next week!

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